sealYou can order domains from me if you like as well as the hosting. I can also order the domain on your behalf and offer you advice on choosing the right domain.

UK Domains ( £10.00 per year. Global Domains (.com etc) £20 per year.

Tips on picking a good domain name:

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name it requires a lot of thought and consideration. is one of the most important decisions you will make when getting started online. The right domain can make a real statement about your business and should reflect your offering or brand – think of it as the sign above your shop window.

Follow these steps to help you pick the perfect domain.
1. Simple spelling, avoid numbers, dots & hyphens

Use a name that has only one regular way of spelling. If you use slang (u instead of you) or words with multiple spellings (express vs. xpress), it may be harder for customers to find your site.Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood — people who hear your website address don’t know if you’re using a numeral (5) or it’s spelled out (five) or they misplace or forget the dash. If you need these in your domain, register the different variations to be safe.

2. Keep it Short

If your domain name is long and complex, you risk customers mistyping or misspelling it. Short and simple is the way to go.

3. Use Keywords or brand name or both

Try using keywords that describe your business and the services you offer. For example; if you’re a watch repair business, you may want to register  It helps improve your rank on search engines (which increases traffic) and just makes more sense to your customers. However if you are marketing a strong brand name, it is better to use that brand name in the domain or use both, example if your business is called ‘Indigo’, then order ‘IndigowatchRepair’.

4. Target Your Area

If your business is local, consider including your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example:

5. Research It

Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. See who else is using that name or anything similar. Be original, exciting and innovative when naming your brand–the same way you should be with your product.

6. Use an Appropriate Domain Name Extension

Extensions are suffixes, such as .COM,  or.NET, at the end of Web addresses.  .COM is the most common worldwide but if your target customers are in your own country then it is best to use your countries extension. For example UK is and South africa is It can be a good idea to buy both .com and your countries extension.

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